About us

About us

chi siamo

A group of parents, healthcare professionals with a single purpose: the alleviation of our little ones suffering!

Suffering often brings us together, which is why we decided to work together: Us and You. Let us be united in transforming the childhood hospitalization often too long, too painful and far too problematic into a less cumbersome temporary period of life, a lot less tiring and  much more child friendly.

We might not change the world, but together we will change the hostile atmosphere that puts us to the test every time our children are forced to spend a longer time in the hospital.

Together with you: parents, grandparent and friends, we will face the suffering, the pain and the feeling of helplessness, hoping that one day we will enjoy their healing and their wellbeing! It’s a part we certainly do not want to lose!

We want to be on their side as professionals and also
hold their hands as only parents can.

Aletheia Association